Helpful Tree Assessments

Obtain vital information for your safety, as well as for the safety of your property, with tree assessments provided by Willow Tree Service LLC. Having your trees assessed reduces your chance of harm and provides solutions for your property as well.

Tree Lightning Assessment

It takes years to grow a large, prestigious tree; however, it takes only seconds for lightning to strike one down. Although a tree lightning assessment does not prevent a tree from being struck by lightning, it is possible to maintain and service a tree, so lightning will be conducted harmlessly into the soil.

Hazardous Tree Assessment

There is no absolutely safe tree. At times, even healthy trees fall. We can tell you if your landscape contains high risk or potentially hazardous trees, and we will recommend the proper course of care and action. Trees are one of your property's greatest natural resources and the value and beauty is immeasurable.

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Man Cutting Down a Tree - Tree Assessments